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“The World Needs You” by Dr. Kenn Gordon

In talking with many of our colleagues over the last year or so, I have been acutely aware of the need for Centers for Spiritual Living to become proactive (rather than reactive) to the tragic events and happenings that are occurring throughout the world in Ferguson, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Baltimore, Portland, Nice, Paris, Istanbul and so many more. These are Divine nudges for all of us to stand on a solid foundation of faith and establish a proactive stance, not only for us, but for our students and congregations. We are aware of the Truth, and I have no doubt that the majority of us are doing our personal work to stay grounded in the evolution of a greater idea.

The greater idea, at this moment in time, happens to be showing up in acts of violence, prejudice, racism and terror. There is still more for us to do.

Here’s where “more” happens.

From October 24 – 27, 2016, the Association for Global New Thought, will be hosting a conference specifically designed to address these issues and supply tools to use in our daily ministries. An important program has been put together to help us lead our students and congregations to deepen in belief and step out into action. The following people can be thanked for this evolutionary program:

The Leadership Council of AGNT, which is made up of Dr. Michael Beckwith from Agape, Dr. Barbara Fields, who is AGNT’s Executive Director, Rev. Wendy Craig Purcell from Unity, San Diego, Rev. Temple Hayes from Unity of Saint Petersburg, Dr. Dennis Merrit Jones from CSL, Dr. Roger Teel from Mile Hi church in Denver and both Dr. David Alexander from Lake Oswego and also CSL’s Leadership Council Chair as well as myself, the Spiritual Leader of Centers For Spiritual Living in Golden.

This conference will be unlike any that we’ve had before. There will be keynote speakers addressing proactive stances and actions for the world today, workshops dealing with the actual steps required to move forward, and strategic time to come together and discuss where and how we want to move forward. This conference is our opportunity to unify and formulate what, as a movement, our next steps should be.

I want you to be there. This is important!

We know the power of our teaching. It’s time for us to come together, talk and learn a new way of applying our principles to the world. This gathering of New Thought leaders will enrich our ministries, enlighten us to the dynamics of today’s changing world, develop our faith and open a dialogue on potential new ideas.

One thing I know is that our vision is larger than the agenda and opinion of perpetrators of violence and hate.

Please join us in San Diego in October 2016 for this wonderful conference on “Engaged Spirituality.”

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Posted in News on September 2, 2016.