Mountainside Center for Spiritual Living


  • Placerville Town Hall   | 549 Main Street, Placerville, CA


  • “The World Needs You” by Dr. Kenn Gordon

    In talking with many of our colleagues over the last year or so, I have been acutely aware of the need for Centers for Spiritual Living to become proactive (rather than reactive) to the tragic events and happenings that are occurring throughout the world in Ferguson, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Baltimore, Portland, Nice, Paris, Istanbul and […]

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  • What’s News at Mountainside

    RAFE ELLIS, RScP has joined Mountainside as our Spiritual Leader. He will be speaking two to three times a month, in addition to our vast array of guest speakers and musicians. We recently had a large turnout so it appears we are going in a very positive direction. One member is quoted as saying “our […]

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  • Rx For a Turbulent Time by Rev. Dore’ Jacques Patlian

    Why are so many people in the United States and around the world so pessimistic about their lives and their future?  We hear people saying that this is the “worst of times”. The facts just don’t support this gloomy outlook. By every factual measure it’s one of the best times in human history. Here is the evidence: More […]

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