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    “Shine Through Me” Music by Rev. Michael Gott
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    Way of the Heart 2014
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    “Glow” Music by Donna De Lory

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“We are so intimately connected with the universal creative God Power that it is impossible to get away from It.  Hence, we never have to wonder whether or not we are in touch with It.  It is where we are and we are in It.  It is in us; It is around us and flowing through us.  We give direction to It.  We have a perfect right to use It for any legitimate purpose of self-expression.  If our whole intention is toward more life for ourselves and others, then nothing evil can result from our use of this Law.” ~Ernest Holmes   #aworldthatworksforeveryone #theglobalvision

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Attachment and Connection

(Here’s an interesting article that I recently found by Matthew Kent that is about recognizing the difference between “attachment” and “connection.” As a metaphysician, I understand that attachment is the major cause of suffering, yet how do I reconcile that with the bonds I have with friends, loved ones, my animals, etc.  – rr) I’ve been thinking a great deal about the difference between ‘attachment’ and ‘connection’ or if there even is a difference. The more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve realized that regardless of what the dictionary definitions may be, I use these words in to make sense of concepts that I don’t know how to otherwise communicate. Am I taking liberties to do so? Perhaps. But I’m going to do it anyway. In my mind, when I think of two objects being ‘attached’, I imagine a forced connection, one that is not easily separable. I think of things

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