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How Is New Thought Relevant When Tragedy Occurs?

The following is from a blog by Dr. Jim Lockhart When tragedies, such as the shootings in Roseberg, Oregon, occur, as a practitioner of New Thought principles, I think I know what is expected of me.  I am supposed to do my inner prayer-treatment work, starting from a deep belief in theunity of all life and the presence of one Creative Intelligence expressing perfectly in this universe. From these beliefs, I am to feel, or to develop a feeling of, compassion for everyone involved, holding them in Love and Light. And I am to visualize a change in the prevailing patterns to a future of peace and love for all humankind; a future where Love prevails. After that, it gets sort of murky.   If I were to rise to a level of spiritual development that allowed me to feel only love, peace and connection no matter what was happening around

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You Are Magnificent by Rev. Dore’ Jacques Patlian

Did you know that you are magnificent?  Has anyone ever told you that?  If not, they should have done so when you were a child.  Even those judged least successful by their fellow humans are miraculous creations of the Great I AM that we nickname God. God is perfect substance, perfect love, perfect Mind and from perfection can come only perfection.  Everything created by God is therefore perfect. Well, Dore’ how in the world can you say that?  What about those born with serious birth defects or Down’s Syndrome or other debilitating conditions? Perfect you say?  What, are you nuts Rev.? I was told that I was nuts just yesterday but I did not believe a word of it.  People judge us according to their world view but since I know who and what I am and am quite comfortable in my own skin, I pay little attention to the

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