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    “Shine Through Me” Music by Rev. Michael Gott
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    Way of the Heart 2014
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    “Glow” Music by Donna De Lory

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Weekly Wisdom

“There will never be more of God, abundance, health, or happiness than is available to us today.  And the only time we can experience what we may desire is today.  We can’t do it yesterday, and tomorrow hasn’t arrived.  We have to encompass right now in our thought all the good we can ever hope to experience.  For out of that thought comes the joy of our life today and the pattern for our experience tomorrow.  But the present moment can never provide us with more joy than we are able to embody.” ~Ernest Holmes   #aworldthatworksforeveryone #theglobalvision

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Are You a “Spiritual Badass?”

What do Jesus, Buddha, Yogananda, and the Dalai Lama have in common? They all are SPIRITUAL BADASSES! (Oh, and BTW, being a badass is not necessarily a negative thing) Here are some definitions from the Urban Dictionary… Awesome to an extreme level, thereby leveraging unquestionable authority. A person who defines supreme confidence, nearly divine ability, and a frequent disregard for authority. Someone who does not ever look back at an explosion. This could be anyone from Dirty Harry to Mother Teresa.   How, you ask, could this have ANYTHING to do with spirituality? Ellen Debenport defines a “spiritual badass” as someone who… Is consciously connected and has a palpable sense of oneness with the divine, with all beings and the universe. Reacts from love, whether he is cut off in traffic or sent into war. What would love do? Assumes the best about other people and acts with compassion rather than

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